Dave's CD collection, I can make cdrs of any of these to trade.

At the drive-in Relationship of Command
At the drive-in in casino out (first cd)
AFI the art of drowning
AFI black sails on the sunset
AFI shut you mouth and open your eyes
Big Fuckin Skull Six Skulls against the world (good horror)
Abductors (good horror band obsessed with aliens)
Misfits (2 cds, 56 tracks of their best stuff)
Fugazi argument
Fugazi end hits
Fugazi 13 songs
Fugazi Red Medicine
Fugazi In on the Kill Taker
Fugazi repeater
Fugazi steady diet of nothing
Dead Kennedys in god we trust inc
Dead Kennedys fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
Dead Kennedys frankenchrist
Dead Kennedys bedtime for democracy
Casualties for the punx
Los Crudos (73 song cd)
Minor Threat complete discography
Nine Inch Nails (ALL THE CDS!) 1 or two rarities
River City Rebels racism religion and war
The Clash london calling
The Clash s/t
The Clash combat rock
The Clash give em enough rope
Nerve Agents (all 3 of their cds)
Richard Hell and the Voidroids Blank Generation
Richard Hell and the Voidroids Destiny Street
New York Dolls s.t
New York Dolls live, double disc, (the first one is better quality) *rare*
Osker (both cds)
Dead Boys Younger, Louder, and Snottier
Dead Boys Night of Living Dead
Sid Vicious Nevermind the reunion, here's sid vicious
G.G.Allin and the Murder Junkies Brutality and Blood for All
Son of Sam songs from the earth
Angry Samoans unboxed set
45 Grave Autospy
Bouncing Souls (i gotta dig these out if you want them, i have like 3 of them)
V/A Punk o rama 1-6
From autmn to ashes
shai hulud 2 cds
The Cramps Psychedelic Jungle (plus 5 songs)
Leftover Crack (17 songs from various cds)
Rancid and out come the wolves
Rancid let's go
Rancid s/t (first cd not last)
Rancid life won't wait
The Locust s/t
The Locust Flight of the wounded Locust
Samhain Initium
Samhain Live '85-'86
Screeching Weasel thank you very little
Ramones Ramones Mania
Strokes (don't know the name, their only one)
Dropkick Murphys (the first 3)
Slayer diablous in musica
Slayer Reigning Blood

Dave's Wanted list:
horror punk (any kind except new misfits neu metal horror)
good music
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